This elite revolutionary program is the only western performance horse academy in the U.S. to offer an exceptional riding experience that will transform your Horsemanship. Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider everyone can gain from the Performance Horse Academy. This experience is provided in a safe, fun, professional atmosphere. We live and breathe by the motto: Dream It, Plan It, Ride It, Believe It. If your dream is to ride a discipline you’ve never done before, and improve your horsemanship skills, this is the place for you! We help each rider create a plan that works for them and their horses by teaching them intentional horsemanship. Nothing beats hours in the saddle on trained horses. At the academy you have the opportunity to ride multiple horses from several different disciplines giving you invaluable tools that drastically advance your horsemanship. We ride reiners, cutters, cow horses, barrel horses and even colts and believe that the variety of horses and disciplines can teach everyone something! Once you have experienced even one week of Jenny Sherbo’s Performance Horse Academy you will start to believe you can achieve your dreams.

This is an intense, accelerated, intentional program to drastically change your horsemanship forever in a short period of time. Jenny prides herself on being an educator and not just a horse trainer; she has developed a tried and true program to revolutionize your horsemanship. There are many opportunities for learning beyond the saddle in our classroom environment as well. You will understand the basic, to advanced common sense principles behind horse training, and be able to make connections with your horse that have always eluded you. This includes theory and philosophy of horsemanship as well as equipment fitting and education. When your horsemanship skills are in place you will have the ability to problem solve on your own and know from the horse’s perspective what needs to be done. This academy is a “hands on” experience of what it is like to work on a ranch, understand a day in the life of a trainer, and walk away with a greater appreciation for the western way of life. We are a team and look forward to making you a part of it!